It is occasionally desirable to change compressed gas cylinders from one gas service to another. Northeast Pressure Vessel Testing (NEPVT) is available to help you with this should you require a change in gas service.

Some of these service changes can be made easily. While others require careful inspection of the interior and exterior of the cylinder to detect corrosion and/or contaminants. Our technicians are skilled in following the guidelines established in the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) C-10 which addresses the safe removal of these to avoid undesirable contamination of the contained gas.

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NEPVT is an authorized distributor of Cavagna valves and we also offer Rotarex, Sherwood and other high pressure cylinder valves for industrial gases and medical purposes. Valves can be purchased outright or installed in your cylinders as part of the maintenance regime.

NEPVT ensures the proper care of the compressed valves is taken. Stored valves are packaged so cleanliness is maintained and adequate protection against damage during handling is minimized. Valves are visually inspected for any signs of damage or leakage. When a valve is replaced in a cylinder, as part of the installation, the condition of the “new” valve is checked, viewing both the inlet and outlet threads to ensure the threads are not damaged, especially the first thread. All valves are handled carefully and installed following the appropriate protocols.

Our trained technicians are skilled in the cylinder valving process. A valve can be safely removed from a cylinder to prepare the cylinder for hydrostatic testing or to install a new valve, upon customer request.

Prior to de-valving, our staff ensures the cylinder is not under pressure so that the valve can be removed safely with no slippage or damage. Upon insertion of a new valve, the technician closely monitors the actual torque applied until the desired measurement is reached.

If you would like more information regarding the valves we offer and installation process, please contact one of our customer support team.

We are knowledgeable and experienced in handling of compressed gases and familiar with the chemical and physical properties of the product, and the contaminants that must be removed for safety reasons.

If your compressed gas cylinders need a change of gas service, NEPVT is able to safely perform the conversion for you, just ask one of our customer support members.