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Northeast Pressure Vessel Testing (NEPVT) is excited to announce that we are now going mobile!

NEPVT can deliver to your facility a mobile unit staffed with experienced, well trained operators ready to requalify your compressed gas cylinders.

  • Approved by the US DOT
  • Tests performed in accordance with 49 CFR Sections 180.205 thorough 180.215
  • Eliminates transportation costs
  • Trained technicians
  • Quicker turnaround times 

The cylinder testing mobile unit performs the same level of quality services as our headquarters, providing ultrasonic requalification, visual examination, record preparation and retention and cylinder stamping.

With our complete computer processing equipment including software, probes, printer and job programs, cylinder handling equipment for handling various diameters and lengths, and calibration pieces required for proper testing of steel and aluminum cylinders,

NEPVT is prepared to re-qualify your compressed gas cylinders,at your facility.

These components are secured and transported in a trailer or box truck for ease in providing ultrasonic cylinder retesting where it is needed, eliminating your transportation costs and reducing the lost time for your cylinders to be out of commission, while providing accurate, superior requalification of your compressed gas cylinders. All tests would be conducted in accordance with DOT SP-10922 and DOT SP-12607 and following the relevant provisions of sections 180.205 through 180.215 of the 49 CFR.

The ultrasonic test equipment is bolted onto a cart with casters for easy mobility. The cylinder handling equipment is fitted with casters allowing the unit to be placed in a well-lit remote location equipped with power and a water source. Bringing the unit to you, allows your cylinders to be tested on your premises creating a more efficient, safer and most cost effective test method.

Introducing a new means to retest your cylinders

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