Northeast Pressure Vessel Testing  (NEPVT)  has become a leader in the industry for providing requalification by the hydrostatic and ultrasonic examination methods and maintenance of Department of Transportation (DOT) compressed gas cylinders (for example 3A, 3AA, 3AL and special permits DOT SP-12607 and DOT SP-10922) under the relevant provisions of 49 CFR sections 180.205 through 180.215, and in accordance with Compressed Gas Association (CGA) specifications.

NEPVT operates as an approved US Department of Transportation compressed gas cylinder retester under requalification number D500. We are prepared to handle all your cylinder requalification and maintenance needs. Our facility is located in Westborough, MA and houses three ultrasonic test machines and one hydrostatic double jacket unit, capable of testing up to 700 cylinders per day. In addition, NEPVT offers a mobile ultrasonic test unit which can visit your plant location to requalify cylinders. This unit is approved by the DOT and offers the same level of services, cylinder requalification, visual examination, record preparation and stamping. All performed right at your facility.

NEPVT has reliable and knowledgeable personnel working to service you. Our team has many years of practical experience in the compressed gas industry, and are available to answer your technical questions. We are dedicated to safety and security while maintaining high volume production schedules.

We strive to provide the highest level of service to our customers by ensuring turnaround deadlines and production timetables are met, reducing the time your cylinder inventory is out of circulation for maintenance and retesting. NEPVT has been very successful in establishing and developing long term business relationships with its customers by providing reliable quality when it comes to requalifying and maintaining compressed gas cylinders.

NEPVT is committed to service and customer support. We are delighted that you have chosen NEPVT to meet your compressed gas cylinder requalification and maintenance needs. We are here for you should you have any questions; please do not hesitate to ask.

You can count on us to provide quality services to retest       

and maintain your compressed gas cylinders,     

to deliver our services on time and at the best price.     

Approved by the US DOT

Tests performed in accordance with 49 CFR specifications

Experienced and well trained technicians

Quick turnaround times

Commitment to quality and service

Ensuring quality, safety and reliability are number one.

Experience you can trust.

Northeast Pressure Vessel Testing Ultrasonic Testing

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Valve replacement and installation

Special paint requirements 

Neck repair and replacement

Dip tube installation and replacement

Dissemble and assemble cradles

Disposal of condemned cylinders

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Northeast Pressure Vessel Testing

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Northeast Pressure Vessel Testing Ultrasonic Testing

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Visual eddy current testing

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